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Who is john cena dating after his divorce

"I do want to get married and I want to have kids — and I want to have all that with John. Nikki also shared her excitement on social media, writing, "I never thought I would use this emoji 💍 A dream come true! 'Total Bellas' Star Nikki Bella Doesn't Want to Rush Her Upcoming Wedding to John Cena Nikki Bella's Mom Thinks Her Daughter Is Cheating on John Cena With a Mystery Man Nikki and Brie Bella's Little Brother J.

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John Cena is on Ford's $#&% list for allegedly flipping his new $500k '17 Ford GT -- violating a contract with the company -- and they're takin' him to court. READ MORE John Cena is great at pretty much everything -- wrestling, acting, being the nicest guy on the planet, etc.Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long and they called it quits just three years after tying the knot., John, 39, blamed the divorce on a home remodeling that was causing "unbearable strife" between him and his wife.Four months after their divorce was finalized in 2012, John began dating his now fiancée Nikki, 33, despite their differing views on marriage and children."Nothing's worse than hearing the man you love, be like, 'I will never get married again!He and his four brothers grew up in West Newbury, MA.

He showed an early affinity towards weight lifting at age 12.

Cena attended private boarding school for high school and, after graduation, competed in bodybuilding contests.

He played Division III football for Springfield College, but left the sport because he felt he was too small.

Kids will have to stay clean in order to win major prizes.‘It’s like the chaos and the slime-ability of Kids’ Choice meets that crazy scene in the original ‘Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’ where everyone is wearing white suits and the kid gets transported through the TV,’ is how Cena explained his new venture.

‘It’s gonna be super special to kids.’The game show is set to premiere later this year.

Cena got down on one knee in the ring at Wrestle Mania 33 and asked for fellow wrestler Nikki Bella’s hand in marriage on April 2, 2017.