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Romanian views on dating

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“Some families are getting more than the average Manchester wage – around £21,000 a year – in benefits.“I think the magazine needs to take some responsibility for this and the loophole should be closed.

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In 2007, a row over territory led to Romanian thugs threatening to kill a seller of the Big Issue Scotland in Kilmarnock.All Big Issue sellers are required to declare themselves self-employed because they buy bundles of the magazine and keep the profits when they sell them.This status entitles them to a National Insurance number and the right to claim welfare payments such as working tax credit and housing support, although not jobseekers allowance.Mr and Mrs Codrianu are now selling the Big Issue and have applied for benefits.If they are successful, the entire household is expected to receive just over £200 a week in child benefit and child tax credit – around £10,500 a year.Mr Oprea has also applied for housing benefit to help meet the £600 a month cost of renting the house.

Of the five adults in the family, all have applied for benefits apart from Catalina, who does not work.

Then in January this year Mr Oprea’s sister, Renata, 30, brother-in-law, Ionut Codrianu, 31, and their two daughters, Alexandra, 11 and Ana-Maria, 5, moved in with them.

Since September the extended family have lived in a modern, privately-rented, three-bedroom house in a new development in the Gorton area of Manchester, which has a large Romanian community.

It also grants “dependent” family members the right to work legally in the UK – a right to which Romanian immigrants would not otherwise be entitled.

In April last year Mr Oprea was joined in Britain by his sister, Catalina, 26, and her six-year-old son, Valentin.

Mr Oprea is the only member of the family who speaks English.