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Who is dating tom brady

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Brady wasted little to no time in cashing in on his first Super Bowl win and MVP honors from 2001 by dating (what else? Layla Roberts – 1997’s Playmate of the Year – has more going for her than posing for a nudie mag; she had also had minor appearances on movies such as .After a brief stint of going out together during 2002, Brady parted ways with Roberts that same year and managed to bag an even bigger celebrity in the process.

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And boy, did Brady do his part really well in the dating circuit. 12 has settled down with Gisele – his wife for about six years now (and counting).Join us as we list down Brady’s former and current flames that fire up his passion on the field and in the bedroom.We’ll start with his less than humble beginning babe and make our way to his crowned jewel.In 2003, Brady puts another Super Bowl win in the books. Yup, another hottie waiting in the wings to sweep the now two-time Super Bowl MVP off his feet.Brady kept his movie star streak going by dating actress Bridget Moynahan from 2004 to late 2006. Bridget and Tom’s relationship would take a wild turn after they split up in December of 2006.Have you seen what the blonde bombshell looks like now? Maybe Tara hasn’t gotten over her breakup with Brady until now and became some sort of anorexic ghoul in the process.

Well at least she’s not dead yet in spite of her lanky and fragile frame.

Meanwhile, Meghan is now happily married to another New England player in long snapper Lonie Paxton.

This Foxborough fox sure knows how to nail them Patriots players, eh?

Bündchen, now retired, has modeled for countless ad campaigns, magazines, and fashion shows.

So how did this seemingly no-brainer perfect union form?

Not that we’re complaining, especially since Tom is no longer on the market for the other hot chicks to drool over and forget about the likes of us.