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Who is adam shulman dating

She kept most of her pregnancy details hidden from the media, but told "When you stress out, it's a lot harder," when speaking about trying to keep calm throughout the months of her growing bump.You won't find Morris in the tabloids when it comes to marrying her high school sweetheart, either.

Staying out of the limelight — and, most importantly, keeping their family away from paparazzi as well — is so important to them, that sometimes you won't even know that they got married, were pregnant, or had a baby until months after the fact.She gives a world just a taste of her life, and it seems to be working out perfectly!, but in real life Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are husband and wife. Though Moyer did confirm to that they were expecting, stating that "having two more is just going to be even more crazy, but that's cool!I'd like to be normal." He also explained in the interview, "I have a family that I care about, and I'm open — I'm open to having a conversation about pretty much anything in the world, and I want to go down to the shop and get my milk, come back, be part of the human race. I just want to be any normal man with my family." So far, he's doing an Many were stunned when actress Kate Winslet announced that, at 37, she was pregnant with her third child (her first with husband Ned Rocknroll), but Winslet and Rocknroll were over the moon.Staying relatively low-key about her personal life, in an interview with , Winslet explained, "We don't have any social media at all. It's as simple as that," she said, adding that social media is "a tricky world." When asked how her kids feel about it, Winslet said, "They understand that they don't really need it…we say to them things that are important to say — you know, a conversation." And, while the birth of her new child — a son named Bear, whom she named after a childhood friend — was kept very under wraps, she did have an interview with ) explaining why she prefers to lead a life of normalcy.We've been looking forward to having a huge, fun reception." Morris and Hubbell have since tied the knot, having friends and family — and , she explained how she tries to manage keeping her personal life private.

"You know, I live a pretty low-key lifestyle," Johansson said.

While some are public about their reasoning to keeping somewhat off-the-grid, others choose not to speak about what they go through in their personal lives, and sometimes the world finds out big life events — such as a marriage or the birth of a child — months after they have already happened.

These celebrity couples have done their very best to keep an iron lock on their personal lives and to keep their children as far away from the spotlight as they can.

While Hardy has another child, a son named Louis from a previous relationship, this is Hardy's first child with Riley.

In an interview with and the birth of their child caused for little sleep each night, waking up between midnight and 2 a.m.

It seems that the lives of celebrities are constantly at the forefront of every magazine and tabloid, no matter if they're flaunting a new figure or have a new significant other on their arm.