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Dating mallorie

The other part being that Jake proposed and she, not knowing what to do, ran back home.

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But of course, everything wasn’t that easy, as Mallory got cold feet at their engagement dinner and told Jake that she couldn’t marry him.So they got married in a small yet beautiful ceremony at the Heartland barn and drove off to Mexico in Jake’s cousin’s RV.It really was a great ending to this small two episode arc for Mallory and to season 10 episode 14.It spun off to them both making rash decisions about their future.Mallory decided to go back to London as soon as possible.Being of Belgian descent, a first generation American within her family, she enjoys traveling.

In addition to living in Belgium for 4 years, she has visited Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Holland and vacationed in the Caribbean on several occasions, including two bareboat charters in the BVI!

episode again concentrated on Mallory, the same as it was in episode 13.

Only this time Mallory wasn’t alone in the spotlight.

But when she did realize that she still loved Jake after seeing Amy and Ty’s video chat, Mallory ran to find Jake, only to get a reaction out of Jake that she wasn’t expecting.

Although he appreciated Mallory finally being honest with him, he still deiced to go to Mexico, leaving devastated Mallory behind. As Jack was driving Mallory to the airport, Jake came back to tell Mallory that he can’t imagine his life without her, and they both were finally on board with the whole marriage thing.

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