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Iphone calendar not updating

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Our sync works by generating a calendar link that your personal calendar uses to "subscribe" to your Simple Practice calendar.Sometimes calendars like Google, are slow to update subscriptions.

Un-syncing it from Google's calendars makes my schedule look a lot less daunting.Then, create a new link in SP by unchecking and re-checking the "enable calendar sync" box on your calendar settings page.Next, subscribe to this new link following the steps in this article: How do I sync my calendar with Google or i Cal?Luckily it's also simple to fix — once you know how!It can take a few minutes for the calendars to appear.However, if you have ever added any third-party calendars to Google, i.e.

the ones that show up under Other calendars, you might have noticed that they do not automatically get synced down to the i Phone.

There are several setting you can adjust in your Apple devices to make your i Cal sync more frequently with Simple Practice's calendar.

To immediatly refresh your i Cal calendar, select View Refresh Calendars.

If Simple Practice events are appearing in your i Cal calendar, then this means the Simple Practice calendar sync is working.

If events are slow to update or if they stop updating, then this means there is an issue with the calendar settings on your device.

Syncing your default Google Calendar or any custom calendars to your i Phone is pretty easy these days in i OS.