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Updating news headline

This will change the mix of news and weather you receive on the homepage.The location service we are using works by detecting the location of the servers providing your internet connection, usually an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or corporate network.

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The news headline for the latest dev release needs updating. Let me know if I should just push this directly to staging or go through review.While the president voiced his frustrations over the allegations of domestic abuse against the now resigned aide Rob Porter- Hicks' boyfriend- he has also came to the defense of his 29-year-old communications director.President Trump released a statement on Friday which said: 'Hope is absolutely fantastic.Another feature included is the Readers Opinion Section designed for your users to post their opinions on news, politics, sports, movies, fashion etc.Our simple copy and paste html code will give your customers a reason to stay on your web site and to keep coming back time and time again without ever leaving your site.Hillary Clinton blamed 'misogyny' and 'sexism' for their role in her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election while also speaking of her intention to keep 'fighting' during a speech in DC.

White House principal deputy press secretary, Raj Shah called Trump 'a deplorable' and referred to the release of the Access Hollywood tape as 'some justice', before he joined the Trump administration.

No knowledge of programming is required and the use of this service is totally free. Click here to see how we use our headline news feed on our own website.

On the heels of another week of massive shakeups within the Trump administration, it appears Hope Hicks may make it through relatively unscathed.

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