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Dating a bipolar 2

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We lost one of them in December and the other one is pretty old and I hope he will never pass on but I do think how I will not have any ties after that.Of course, we just got a puppy but I feel she is way stronger than my other two and would be happy to live with her dad. (I think the cat will go with me no matter what.) I know this is all silly rambling but honestly it is the tie that binds.

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I know he loves me way more then I love him on a husband and wife level.He said last episode that my friends could call him if I couldn’t break through, and now my friend wants to call and he says no way.We had two golden retrievers who I love more than anything and I know in my heart it was due to them I gave it another shot.I want him to be ok but I am now 34 years old with no children (human ones that is – scared to death to have them) and do not want to look back on my life with sadness.In many ways I love him dearly, we met in high school (not high school sweethearts) and we have been friends now for 20 years.Then slowly the bizarre (well familiar to me) and controlling behavior started to creep into our lives.

I do not think I noticed at first but my closest friends (all on guard) would ask me if he was on his meds.

He keeps convincing him to prescribe the meds without getting the blood work done or the counseling.

I am just starting to lose hope that this will be my life forever.

Last October we went to a wedding and he was on fire and spiraling out of control on the way there.

After he drank heavily for two days and was a monster to be around, he finally crashed.

He thinks if he works hard he should have whatever his heart desires at whatever minute he desires it.